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May 25, 2017     Empire    

PunisherElite1 is an awesome streamer and you should check him out for great justice. He wanted something killer for his stream with a military overlay to match up with a new logo created for his brand that paid homage to the iconic “PUNISHER” series.

Building his setup was a really great project and I spent a lot of time really focused on the little details like the cambox and main overlay artwork. Sometimes it’s really helpful for clients to have a poke around the store and see if there’s anything that helps the creative sparks fly. The ‘Warzone’ pack has some similar flavors and elements to this custom.

The Screens

PunishedElite1 Custom Stream Design Preview

I start most customs by taking all the input from client discussions and doing up 2 really nice big screens for general approval which helps me get a solid grasp on which colors, fonts, textures, and styles to implement throughout other portions of the stream. For this pack the logo and atmosphere were super important to get right so the majority of my attention was there.

The Full Package

Here’s an overview of some of the elements included in that pack for the eyecandies.


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