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May 21, 2017     Empire    

Working within and modernizing an existing brand is always really tricky business. Emma from #TeamEmmmmsie asked me to do just that and tbh I jumped at the chance having worked on a number of the admins custom overlays and channel brands already. [TeEm] was a really awesome move for me and it’s rare to find such a consistently friendly and helpful community. While relatively small, we’re all well connected – just a bunch of awesome peeps streaming together and having some good times with fam.

The Challenge

Here’s an example of the kind of stuff the team was producing before the rebranding.

TeamEmmmmsie Existing Creative

The Update

I was given the position of [GFX Admin | Branding] on the internal graphics team and started modernizing the logo and making some sweeping changes to the brand while my partner in crime [GFX Admin | Operations] CrashKoeck handled restructuring the roster of artists and workflow. With a couple rounds of iteration –
here’s how it all came together.

TeamEmmmmsie - Title Card

TeamEmmmmsie Logo Update

TeamEmmmmsie Logo Update - Dark

TeamEmmmmsie Logo Update - Versions

TeamEmmmmsie Logo - Guidelines

TeamEmmmmsie - Fonts & Colors

TeamEmmmmsie - Tagline

TeamEmmmmsie - Execution Examples

TeamEmmmmsie - Closing Card

Overall this was a ton of fun to work on and gave me a lot of freedom to rebuild and create something cool. [TeEm] are pretty swell people if you’re looking for a really great community who are always there to help and support eachother – more info…

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