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June 5, 2017     Empire    

Peench is an awesome streamer and was one of my first custom clients. We’ve been pals for ages and played way too much WoW together over a period of years, really all through Cata. Building his setup was a really good time and came out looking crisp and had a really nice balance. The twitter profile skin that went along with this is still one of my +fav headers I’ve made.

The Screens

I start most customs by taking all the input from our discussions and doing up 2 really nice big screens for general approval which helps me get a solid grasp on which colors, fonts, textures, and styles to implement throughout other portions of the stream. Since this was really one of the first custom packs I made there was a huge amount to learn. Looking at it again now it seems pretty simple but really effective and some of the things I did differently building it I’m still doing now.

The Full Package

Here’s an overview of some of the elements included in that pack for the eyecandies.


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