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We ate this entire site for breakfast, and it tasted good. Welcome to the team!

We’re on a mission to provide the highest quality premade graphics and custom stream graphic design services for our customers. In addition to providing the best stream overlays and elements you’ll find we want to help our customers decide where to stream and learn about how to reach their streaming goals.

We set out to create a site that connects streamers with the best designers and amazing quality custom or premade graphics at an affordable price. We wanted to support and help new streamers as well with our Ultimate Streaming Guide, Streaming Platform Reviews and Streamer Resources. Empire Games can help every type of streamer who needs to grow and evolve. Have a poke around our streaming graphics shop or head off to your desired destination below.

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Twitch Overlays, the visual identity of your stream.

Why are Twitch Overlays so important?

Ever tuned into a stream that just didn’t feel right? Maybe the tone was all wrong, it’s really important to have a consistent voice and visual brand. It makes you instantly recognizable and sets the tone for what your content is all about. You work hard creating content and entertaining your audience and visual presentation with Stream Overlays is hugely important, second only to your sparkling personality.

Lets get a few things we know out of the way;

Streaming on Twitch is hard work and requires skill and dedication! Just like athletes, not everyone is born an entertainer. But that is exactly what you need to be in order to become a successful streamer.

Create a schedule for yourself and try to anticipate when your audience wants to watch you, there’s no sense in streaming at 6am if your audience are all sleeping. Stick to your hours so your audience knows when to watch you.

You’ll need a webcam or even something more robust. People want to interact with you and participate. There are not that many streamers who have achieved success without showing their faces or getting involved. People want to see who they are interacting with.

Be cool to your viewers. Got a follow? A Donation? Give a little heads up to your stream that you appreciate it, even a shout out. Twitch Alerts is a great way to do that which we’ll cover in a later article.

Your stream should reflect your content and look professional. The better it looks the more opportunity your stream has to grow from organic search. People want to watch great content. Streaming is an amazing adventure but finding your voice and setting the right tone can be tough. That is where we come into play.

Stream Overlays are really important, it’s your most valuable tool to communicate your image. When potential viewers see your thumbnail on Twitch or Youtube Gaming it’s mostly by browsing games they are interested in or just hundreds of channels. You want them to stop, take a moment and check you out. Organic search is the most simple and sometimes the most effective way to get first time eyeballs on your stream.

Building An Audience For Your Channel

It’s one of the hardest parts of the process. You’re new and trying to grow, maybe to learn at the same time. New viewers have so many options it’s hard to get views, harder to convince a viewer in a few minutes that you’re worth remembering. A new viewer can’t really tell what kind of streamer your are from your thumbnails and a barren channel page won’t help either, you need to attract them with visuals to compliment your content. There are a lot of ways to do this;

  • You are incredibly beautiful or charismatic which, honestly, most of us aren’t.
  • You have great Stream Overlays and visuals that match your tone and complimentary branded Social Media Graphics.

What’s The Difference Between Good and Bad Steam Overlays?

Well, this isn’t entirely subjective, obviously everyone has their own unique taste but not all of us are designers, some of us do not have acquired the skills you need, some of us do not have access to the right software or the desire to do so. Not everyone has the time or inclination to invest in learning all that just to do what you really want which is streaming.

Stream Overlays need to look professional and send the right message about your content. Making something yourself, maybe in MS Paint, can give the wrong impression to your viewers. Sloppy creative communicates a lack of dedication. There’s so much out there it’s hard to find some of the really great work being done by passionate designers. Anyone can pickup some free downloads and get cracking, but if you’re serious about building a brand, if you’re in it for the long haul building your channel and if you want something really special for your stream, choose Empire.

We’re Creatives with Passion.

We can build anything you can imagine and always updating our shop with new and exciting products. Professional designers are problem solvers and creating atmosphere is our specialty. Our designers work in fields like web-design, media-design, advertising and marketing. We can help you find the perfect creative for your vision.

Professional Stream Overlays, beautifully executed, and Social Media Graphics will lead to more viewers. More viewers will attract more viewers. There is no better single gift you can give your audience than something amazing, fun, and engaging to support the content you work so hard on.