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May 20, 2017     Empire    

Emma is an amazing streamer and owner of #TeamEmmmmsie. She wanted something new and exciting for her stream. Building her custom setup was a ton of fun and something that gets tweaked and added to all the time. She got a full rebranding as well including social media channels and a multi-box cam setup for some of her favorite streaming partners.

The Logo

One of my favorite places to start with designs is the logo and overall look and feel. It’s a great place to set the tone for the rest of the design and get a really early general approval from client. It helps me get really solid grasp on which colors, fonts, textures, and styles to implement throughout other portions of the stream.

Emma fell in love with the Overdrive pack in the store and wanted her setup to follow that pretty closely.

The Full Package

Here’s an overview of most of the elements included in that pack for the eyecandies.


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