Twitter – Vega

Welcome to Vega, Enjoy Your Vacation!

Twitter – Vega | Some of us want to kick it on Fhloston Paradise, nothing wrong with that. Super clean rendered background art by Lightmares with completely editable text. Double click on the smart layers, type in your own text and save. It’s that easy.

Do I Need Special Software To Edit This?

You need Adobe Photoshop to edit this cover/avatar, it’s very well organized and easy to navigate.

What Is Included In The Download?

  • Vega – Cover (.png)
  • Vega – Avatar (.png)
  • Vega – Source (.psd)
  • Help-File (.txt)

Is It Easy To Edit The Files?

Even if you’re a beginner in Photoshop you’ll be just fine.

Are The Fonts Or Images Included?

The font is not included but is free, a download link can be found in your help-file.txt