Overlay – Overwatch V1 | Light

It's our flagship Overwatch overlay, just lighter!

This is a really elegant, complete overlay pack for any channel. Designed specifically for Overwatch and requires NO PHOTOSHOP at all to get up and running in your favorite streaming software. Check out the slideshow for a complete overview. We tried to pack as many awesome features and extras in as possible!

Do I need special software to edit this?

No, no editable files are needed or included. Everything is prepackaged and a full set of text overlay templates will help you source, size and place all your text.

What is included in the download?

These elements are included:

  • Overlay – Header (x2) (.png)
  • Overlay – Header Icon (.png)
  • Overlay – Cambox/Facecam (x3) (.png)
  • Overlay – Bonus Corner Tag (.png)
  • Overlay – Bonus Shoutout (.png)
  • Overlay – Notice Panel Gold (.png)
  • Overlay – Notice Panel White (x3) (.png)
  • Overlay – Text Size/Placement Template (.jpg) (.png)
  • Begin/End Stream – Background x4 Options (.png)
  • Begin/End Stream – Text Size/Placement Template (.jpg)
  • Intermission – Background (x4) Options (.png)
  • Intermission – Text Size/Placement Template (.jpg)
  • Help_File.txt

Are the font or images included?

The fonts used are free and you can find download links in your help_file.txt

Flagship Pack | Overwatch V1 /Complete

If you like this overlay and want a more detailed version with loads more features and completely editable source files check out the complete version here.