Overlay – Kimchi /6Colors

Choose your color & stream on in style!

Stream Overlay | Kimchi (6colors)

Get yourself a cup of noodles, choose a color and stream on in under 5 minutes. This overlay works in every major streaming platform at a max resolution of 1920x1080px and currently only supports 4×3 mixed aspect video which you can crop down from a video capture device. Check your streaming software documentation for details on cropping.

What is included in the download?

  • Kimchi – Overlay – Choice of Color (.png)
  • Kimchi – Cambox – Choice of Color(.png)
  • Empire Games – help_file.txt

Do I need special software to edit this?

No – Editable files are not needed or included.

Available Colors

Blue | Green | Grey | Orange | Purple | Red

How can I change the text?

Is amazingly simple to do that. In your download the images don’t have any text on them. Just drop your overlay and cambox into the streaming software of your choice. Font instructions and download locations can be found in your help_file.txt