Facecam – Haxx V1 (Expanded)

Expansion for your Haxx V1 Overlay

Cambox / Facecam Expansion | Haxx V1 – Twitch / Livestream
OBS & Split Cambox – You’re pro, or you’re a noob… that’s life.

If you stream on Twitch or Youtube Gaming you need to scroll through the slideshow and check out all the amazing features this cambox has to offer. Pick and choose your elements, 4:3 & 16:9 versions included.

Do I Need Special Software To Edit This?

You need Adobe Photoshop CC to edit this template, it’s very well organized and easy to navigate. No Photoshop version coming soon, follow us on Twitter @EmpireGamesCA to stay updated.

What Is Included In The Download?

These elements are included:

Stream – Facecam / Cambox 4:3 (psd)
Stream – Facecam / Cambox 16:9 (psd)
Stream – Facecam / Cambox DEMO (jpg)
Help File (txt)

Is It Easy To Edit The Files?

If you have an intermediate basic understanding of Photoshop you’ll be fine.

Are The Font Or Images Included?

The font is free and default in Windows, Mac users will need to download ‘Calibri’ from Microsoft.

Haxx V1 – Complete Stream Overlay

Haxx V1 | Complete Stream Overlay Includes a scaled down version of this Cambox and many, many more features. Check out the slideshow and description for full details.