Facecam – Gameboy (Animated)

Slap your face into this one and game on!

CamBox / FaceCam | Gameboy (Animated)

Compatible with any major streaming platform, toss your beautiful face in here and be merry. It’s a unique Cam Box which requires no editing or photoshop. Animated in pixel perfect transparent video. Use any background or video source, move and scale to fit any layout and enjoy the sweet 8 bitness!

Live Preview

In this video you can see the Gameboy Animated Facecam in action and preview its features. The subtle floating animation works with any media source and you can easily crop 16×9 sources down to fit. Works over any video background or gameplay and can be resized to fit easily into any new or existing project or overlay setup.

What is included in the download?

  • Gameboy – Facecam – Animated (.webm)
  • Empire Games – help_file.txt

Do I need special software to edit this?

No – Editable files are not needed or included.