Alliance: Stream Overlay Pack (Static)

You know what they say about great power...

Alliance – Stream Overlay Pack (Static)

This pack is pretty heroic, super, even marvelous? Beautifully designed and compressed for ease of use while streaming. Alliance is an overlay pack of modular, HQ graphics, all 1920 and stream ready. No editing or photoshop needed. You can setup everything directly in your streaming software in a few minutes.

Static ($18)Slightly Nerfed

Lighter on the wallet than the animated version but slightly nerfed.

What Is Included In The Download?

These elements are included:

  • Main Overlay Top Bar (png)
  • Static Scenes x3 – Starting, BRB, Ending (png)
  • Overlay Bottom Bar + Notification Panel (png)
  • Notification Panel Icons x4 (png)
  • Cambox 16×9 & 4×3 Variants (png)
  • LIVE Timer Panel (png) – Requires plugin
  • EmpireGames – Demo Text Placement Guide (png)
  • EmpireGames – HelpFile (.pdf)

NOTE | Please be aware that the scenes/overlay contain a small non-invasive watermark which cannot be removed.

Do I Need Special Software To Edit This?

No editable files are included or needed. You’ll find links to download the fonts used (free) and color codes if you want to match your overlay directly to the demo or trailer in help file included with your download.

Expansion Modules

Coming Soon!

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