Addon – Social Profile Graphics

Socialize your stream!

Further customize your Empire Games Custom Stream Design with social profile graphics to match. Choose from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook or request your own.

We all want our stuff to look good, right? For those more serious about streaming and social media the appearance of their Twitter profile is a key element to their success. It’s not just the pros that get to have great looking designs though! Matching your design specifically and tailoring your social media presence to match your brand has never been so important.

What is included in this addon?

  • Platform of choice – Cover Photo
  • Platform of choice – Avatar
  • Youtube Only – Thumbnail Design
  • Twitter Only – “Streaming Soon” & “Now Live” Ads

This product is designed to expand the Empire Games Custom Stream Design. If you would like to discuss creating custom creative for your social media profile only, reach out on Twitter @EmpireGamesCA. Ordering for custom social profile graphics as a standalone product coming soon.

Lets make something amazing together.