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September 11, 2017     Empire    

AriaTheFallen is a great streamer and building her setup was a really awesome opportunity. It came out looking crisp and had a really nice balance and a healthy serving of Overwatch. Once the initial design was complete we animated a lot of the elements and settled in to knock out a mess of awesome creative pieces to match including a full streaming set, social profile graphics, a highlight reel and a bunch of extras.

The Screens

There were a few pretty unique challenges on this project. Everything had to be animated and there was a character design which needed to be updated and integrated into the brand. I start most customs by taking all the input from our discussions and doing up 2 really nice big screens for general approval which helps me get a solid grasp on which colors, fonts, textures, and styles to implement throughout other portions of the stream. For this one I really focused in on the character design since it was so integral and got that knocked out right away. From there we expanded into a full animated stream package and a gameplay trailer / highlight reel you can see below.

See it in action : Visit AriaTheFallen on Twitch

The Full Package

Here’s an overview of some of the elements included in that pack for the eyecandies.

Gameplay Trailer

I was really excited to get to work on this reel. It’s not something that I get to do very often being super terrible at videogames myself but Aria provided some cool footage and a song request, paired with a solid starting design from the Stream Overlay really put us on the right track.


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